Mini Whip Mowers

WCC x CC x CRYPTODADS Mini Whip Mowers. Each mower has been uniquely designed to perfectly compliment each driver. From the German Pilsner keg on tap for #49, the firework launcher #4203 has to distract their opponents to the unsuspecting NOS tank on #28 made to look like a keg and the echo location technology built into #602's. With The World Famous West Coast Customs on their side, this team of Dads are sure to take a podium spot in every category of this years race! On Sale 10-11 6pm for .15 ETH on OpenSea

"Soup-er" Charged

With 3 rarity traits under 1% and a blossoming YouTube channel, Dad #28 has a tendency to fall into the limelight. #28 has a healthy future ahead of him if his friends and kid don’t go all-in on $HIT coins first.

The #28 Mower is retrofitted with a half-barrel beer keg redesigned to feed Nitrous Oxide to a supercharged engine, complete with a rear spoiler up high to keep it from blowing its top off.


With 3 rarity traits under 1%, Dad #49 was the first on the team to ape into a Lambo, thanks Bitcoin! #49 has been shilling $BTC to his friends since before some Florida Man bought Pizza with it.

The #49 Mower is equipped with a Pilsner-filled keg, an aerodynamic spoiler, and has been custom-fit with a V12 Lambo engine.


With 2 rarity traits under 1%, Dad #602 made a fortune on $TRX and lost his sight in a tragic lawnmower accident. He might not be able to see, but he’s a visionary nonetheless.

The #602 Mower is equipped with a keg filled with Colorado’s finest ale, a flame broiling grill, and a digital screen connected through Starlink so he can follow the stonk ticker down to the second.

Star Spangled Bomber

While breaking the top 1,000 in rarity, Dad #4203 is a #1 dad in our book.

Mower #4203 comes complete with a fireworks launcher and war chest full of other patriotic goodies. This Mower is sure to make a bang in any mower race!

Unlock the Golden Mower

Collect any combination of all four mowers and unlock the Golden Mower Trophy!