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WCC x CarCoin

Legendary NFT Drops

CarCoin X West Coast Customs brings you everything automotive. From original WCC artwork NFTs to historic moments and classic builds featured on “Inside West Coast Customs”, and that’s just the beginning.

Starting in May of 2021, CarCoin Fast Lane community members will begin receiving NFTs for simply being in the “Fast Lane”. Some planned drops include:

        • Automotive artwork NFTs from top Crypto artists
        • Experiential NFTs giving you face time with A-List celebrity car enthusiasts
        • VIP access NFTs for things like private, behind the scenes tours of the West Coast Customs 60,000 square foot Burbank, CA facility
        • Collaboration NFTs from WCC Lead Designer, Musa Tjahjono
        • Super-rare “One of One” NFTs
        • Limited series NFTs
        • “Collection” NFTs

If that isn’t enough, CarCoin X West Coast Customs will also be bringing to auction the one of a kind, iconic creations WCC has become famous for, starting with the Nintendo Super Mario Kart featured in Season 2, Episode 7 of “Inside West Coast Customs”. All auctioned vehicles will come with NFT proof of ownership as well as unlockable NFT bonus items like original design sketches, video moments featuring the vehicle, and other surprises to be discovered upon opening.

“West Coast Customs has been exploring the world of crypto since 2016, but the timing wasn’t right until now. With the advancements made in NFTs, the use case we have been waiting for has finally arrived. The originality and rarity of the vehicles we proudly create at WCC align perfectly with what NFTs represent in the world of digital collectibles.”

Ryan Friedlinghaus CEO West Coast Customs