The Time has officially come!
On March 27th, 2022 the CarCoin server will be integrated into the WCC MetaWhips Discord Server. This server will be closing on April 3rd, 2022.

 Why are you merging?
The CarCoin project was initially launched with a group of partners who are no longer part of the project. In order to bring additional utility and value to your NFTs we are combining servers. The WCC MetaWhips server has a robust community and is fully staffed with Mods to help with your onboarding process.

What do I need to do next?
If you are holding NFTs from the following drops:
+ Origin Metaverse (Fast Lane Role)
+ Crypto Dads Pimped Out Mowers (Fresh Cut Role)

We have reserved a spot just for you on the MetaWhips Server! Your spot will come with a brand new Role that is usually earned by gaining XP inside the community.

Higher roles on the MetaWhips server allow access to beta features, airdrops and more! To claim your role, simply join the MetaWhips server ( and open up a support ticket in │volcans-repair-shop by typing “v! open”. One of our moderators will personally assign your role upon welcoming you to the community.

Operation “No NFT left behind”!
We will do our best to reach you through server announcements and social media posts. If you have friends on this server, please make them aware of this message, as they MUST claim their new role to take advantage of the airdrops and other benefits that have been designated for Fast Lane and Fresh Cut Roles on this server.

What AirDrops do I still qualify for?
Fresh Cut

If you are holding any of the MiniWhip, Classic or Golden Mowers, you qualify for the in-game mower racing assets airdrop for the CryptoDads Lawn Mower Racing Game. Level or asset rarity is dependent on the NFT you are holding.

Fast Lane
If you have the Fast Lane role or are holding any NFTs from our Origin Metaverse drop you qualify for the in-game airdrop.

BONUS BONUS | ATTENTION Fresh Cut and Fast Lane Roles 
You get a free MetaWhip….You get a free MetaWhip (in our best Oprah voice). YOU HAVE 2 WEEKS TO CLAIM YOUR METAWHIP (MUST be claimed by 12am, EST, Sunday, March 20th).

You heard us right! To continue on with operation “No NFT left behind” we are giving you a chance to claim a free MetaWhip. Holding this MetaWhips NFT will provide access to additional utility and bonus drops from the MetaWhips project.

Thanks again for being a valued member of the community. We look forward to having you as part of the WCC MetaWhips Family.